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COVID-19 shone a spotlight on racial inequalities in healthcare access and outcomes, and while Black Women have historically been integral to fortifying the wellbeing of their families and communities, many in this same demographic hold space as some of the most negatively impacted when it comes to health disparities. The Black Soapbox recognizes that Many Black Women are disproportionately concentrated in hazardous jobs in the healthcare field, making self-care one of the greatest needs globally as mental health issues, anxiety, and stress levels have increased significantly since the onset of the pandemic. The state of the average Black Women’s health, plus the lack of access to holistic treatment and culturally relevant approaches causes them to remain one of the most undertreated and least supported demographic groups. In addition, Black Women face risks to their health from discrimination in traditional health care settings and from biological wear and tear caused by chronic stress. 

The Black Soapbox aims to provide a safe space for healing, supporting Women on their own holistic self-care wellness journeys. While our luxury bubbly can certainly help relieve some of the external stressors Women are experiencing, true self-care involves digging deep to find what is really needed to heal. Self-care is more than bubble baths and candles – it requires practice, commitment, and deep introspection. Most people have latched onto a certain aspect of self-care so it’s important to recognize what it means, to understand the basics, to determine what each Woman's needs are, and to devise a sustainable care plan for their personal growth. Many believe that self-care is just a popular buzzword, yet the truth remains - most Black Women hesitate to make self-care a priority when it comes to their overall wellness as it can seem daunting...this is where The Black Soapbox's self-care protocol comes in. 

Meet The Founder

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My name is Tasha Richardson. I am a Certified Master Wellness Coach Practitioner specializing in self-care and boundary setting. Throughout my own life, I have struggled with low self-worth, toxic people, places, and things. I was a workaholic and a people-pleaser who didn’t know how to say “no” or how to set clear boundaries in my personal and professional life. I was experiencing job burnout as a healthcare worker in a male-dominated practice where I was frequently undermined, underestimated, and underpaid; I often felt both intimidated and obligated to take on more than I could handle and more than I was being compensated for, leading to high levels of stress, exhaustion, depression, insomnia, a weakened immune system, and chronic fatigue. As a single Mother of 3, I was collapsing into myself daily, feeling drained, empty, helpless, hopeless, and overwhelmed…I knew that I needed to change. I became passionate about finding ways to invest in myself by intentionally practicing self-care as an integrative holistic approach to achieving overall optimal wellness. This holistic approach meant taking the time out to heal my mind, body, and soul.

As a global entrepreneur, my focus is the common good and self-care alone is not the answer, because none of us live in vacuums. We live interconnected lives and must find solutions in partnership and in community. With that being said, as a rule I only purchase authentic, ethically sourced, fair trade products imported from Africa through Black Women-Owned businesses and entrepreneurs. This helps to support the micro-enterprises of the Women and Girls of Ghana, East Africa, and West Africa, contributes to feeding West African Orphans, keeps families in Africa working making traditional crafts, and supports various outreach programs; therefore, The Black Soapbox contributes to underserved communities - locally and globally. The more products sold, the more funds can circulate through these communities, which means more Women in Africa and America can thrive in their own businesses. We also donate personal care packages to the unhoused and provide hygiene care kits to young Women in need. By prioritizing education and preservation of culture, personal responsibility, and sustainability in all aspects of life, I hope to help encourage intentional living and holistic well-being.


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